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Stress Reduction

How Does Meditation Lead to Stress Reduction?

With the fast pace of living and being in a constant state for fight or flight, stress can create damage within our bodies over a long period of time if not managed properly.  Some stress is good and necessary, but in our society it is often what we experience most of the time.  For a person to stay fit and healthy, there must be some form of stress reduction. People are finding out they can obtain stress reduction through Yoga. More and more people are expressing interest in Yoga in order to manage their current hectic lifestyle.  Yoga is not only a form of exercise; it is a form of commitment to a healthy way of life. Once people understand how it works, there is a drastic change in their lives through stress reduction. A person will find themselves feeling young again.

So how does Yoga work to relieve stress? Meditation is one way yoga can help manage stress. It is through meditation a person is taught to draw the senses inward and develop a sense of calm.  Through learning to quiet the mind and practice daily meditation a person will eventually find a calmer sense of self and their reactions to lifes events can be better managed with less stress.   When people find themselves with less stress, they can feel more energetic, happier, and perhaps even find more joy and purpose in their life. 

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