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Wellness Is Removing Stress

The body was created to heal itself, however, stress and anxiety block the body's ability to heal at 100 percent. People who have a high-stress level often find themselves ill due to a lower immune system and when our bodies are battling against stress, the immune system weakens. In turn, it takes twice as long to recover from sickness. Yoga focuses on the wellness of a person to keep their immune system up and running efficiently. The battle of health and wellness is difficult, given that the world we live in seems to make unhealthy choices more convenient.  However, with mindful practice it is possible to begin making small shifts to a healthier lifestyle.  Once we make it a habit, we can find ourselves on the road to recovery, and our bodies become the way it was intended from the beginning, healthy and balanced. Yoga is a chain reaction that steers us to better health and wellness.

Ayurveda Counseling is another way to stay healthy and live the all-natural way. Ayurveda comes from India, and it started over 3,000 years ago. Breaking down the word Ayurveda helps us to understand its meaning. "Ayur" means "life," and "Veda" means "knowledge or science." Putting the words together means the "knowledge of life."  Ayurveda Counseling is so valuable because it ties in with the natural therapies to give a sense of balance to the mind, body, spirit, and environment. For Ayurveda treatments to work, there must be a cleansing process that takes place. There is a package deal to follow with herbal remedies, a special diet, Yoga, massage therapy, and meditation. It is like the granddaddy of all-natural treatments.

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