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What Can Yoga Do For Your Wellness?

Today, our world moves at a fast pace, where we are being pulled in every direction and giving little attention to ourselves. This fast paced lifestyle has made stress one of societies biggest symptoms. Stress creates illnesses, anxiety, and depression and it has made for an unhealthy lifestyle. Yoga is the connection of mind, body and spirit which helps in overall wellness.  When practiced with mindfulness Yoga can help a person overcome the everyday stresses of life.  Some of the tools Yoga uses are: sequenced poses, pranayama or breath work, meditation, and relaxation techniques, all of which can be used to assist in mitigating symptoms of stress.  

Yoga therapy is designed to treat the mind, and spirit to heal the body from the inside out. Breathing and energy are tied together, and through Yoga therapy, it teaches a person how to control their breathing. Once a person can control their breathing, they can control their body and mind. Once they have complete control, it is easy to fall into the required meditative and relaxed state. Controlling breathing is the first lesson in every form of therapy. Yoga therapy is no different. It is the first step and the most important. Therapy brings a person to peace and healing. It gets a person out of their head and all the worries of the world. It puts them in a present moment of focusing on the balance of the different poses. We have all heard that the mind is a powerful thing, and doing this for ourselves is impressive.

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