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Yin Yoga

Information about Yin Yoga

Here at Mecca Wellness we believe in balance.  You play hard and you work hard and as rewarding as it may be, we all need balance.  A Yin Yoga practice done once or twice a week can give your body the restorative care it needs.  This practice is good for anyone, whether you are a super athlete an office worker who sits in a chair all day or in a service field where you are on your feet all day.  Yin focuses on specific poses that are held anywhere from 3 to 10 minutes.  Holding the poses this long allows you to go deep into the connective tissues, ligaments, joints and bones. Remaining in static poses unblocks subtle energy channels, known in Ayurveda as nadis.  When pranic pathways become blocked through stress, poor diet, or lack of sleep, vitality and enthusiasm diminish.  Yin yoga flushes the energy channels, allowing parna to revitalize your physical and energetic systems.  You learn to surrender to yourself and let go.  Yin will help lubricate the fascia that runs through your entire body that when dry and stiff creates the loss in range of motion.  In loosening the fascia you will discover a release of energy and increased range of motion.


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