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Destiny or Fate?

Living your destiny or living your fate

According to yogic teachings there is a difference between living your destiny and living your fate. This difference is seemingly simple: it all depends on the consciousness you bring into your life's choices. Do you choose out of fear or love, do you act or react, do you perpetuate your patterns or are you becoming aware of them, creating the opportunity to choose differently? Copyright © | Kundalini Yoga School All rights reserved

The big game changer

The big game changer towards bringing more consciousness in your daily life is being committed to a steady spiritual practice. Although being committed to a spiritual practice brings many benefits that doesn’t mean being committed comes easy. For many of us commitment is actually the hardest part. Even though we know we feel better when we move our bodies, when we meditate or take time to consciously breathe, actually doing a practice often seems too challenging because we are too busy, too tired, too stressed…

The paradox here is that most of the times when we feel that way, those are exactly the moments in which turning to our mat or meditation pillow would really help us to blow off steam, unwind, release, calm down or energize ourselves. Instantly. Copyright © | Kundalini Yoga School All rights reserved

Spiritual backbone

Especially in our day and age we need a kind of spiritual backbone to support us because the speed and intensity of life is very demanding. Sure, life has always been challenging for the human species on planet Earth, but not at any time recorded in history have we ever been bombarded with such an overload of information, impressions and stimulation at a nearly constant pace. No wonder so many people feel either lost, overwhelmed or disconnected from themselves. Copyright © | Kundalini Yoga School All rights reserved

Commitment to a Personal Practice

Starting a daily yoga practice can help you learn to increase your self-awareness. A yoga practice can teach you breath work, movement and meditation to help reduce anxiety, decrease fear based decisions, improve physical and mental health and cultivate confidence.

Mecca Wellness

I started Mecca Wellness to teach others how to use techniques they could utilizes on their own wellness journey. We teach a therapeutic style yoga along with Beginner Yoga, Yin Yoga, Pre/Postnatal Yoga, Meditation, and Yoga Therapy. We also offer Medical Massage Therapy and Sound Therapy.

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