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Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga

The Benefits of Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga

Prenatal Yoga is an excellent way to keep both the mother and the baby healthy.  There are many benefits to practicing yoga while trying to conceived and when you have conceived.  Here at Mecca Wellness we provide 10 week group classes for each trimester of your pregnancy.  We set the classes up this way so that you can bond with other moms who are in the same trimester with you and create a supportive community.  Here you are in a safe place to share you concerns and joys.  You will learn breath work for when you go into labor. We will help you work on your pelvic floor health.  We will help you develop confidence and strength for delivery. Women who take part in the poses say it feels good to them, and a happy mother means a happy baby. The poses focus on gentleness and caring for oneself. There is a joy of carrying your little one inside you, but things can sometimes get pretty hectic and uncomfortable. Prenatal Yoga helps remove the stress of the pregnancy and helps to manage the body aches that go along with it.

Postnatal Yoga focuses on relieving stress and anxiety after childbirth. One of the most significant issues after childbirth is postpartum depression. Postnatal Yoga can help with these issues, along with any pains after pregnancy. The responsibility of having a child and the drastic change in life is the most significant adjustment, and postnatal Yoga helps a woman continue in the breathing techniques and meditation to help her get through the trying times. Postnatal Yoga can speed up the process of healing the woman's body after childbirth. It is not just a bunch of awkward poses people see in advertisements on television. There is restoration and added help during those sleepless nights. It also helps with the hormonal fluctuations and helps with patience as the woman meditates. 

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